Basement Renovation on Axminister Dr., Richmond Hill

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Demo, Framing, Drywall, Taping, Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Tiling, Glass Enclosure


4 weeks


Richmond Hill, ON

Project Cost


Garvin Alexis Construction proudly presents our basement renovation project completed on Axminister Dr. in Richmond Hill. This project is a showcase of our commitment to transforming underused spaces into functional and attractive areas.

Project Overview

Our goal for this basement renovation was to create a versatile and welcoming space that could meet a variety of needs. We worked collaboratively with our clients to ensure the final product would not only be practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

Renovation Details

The process started with a thorough demolition, clearing the area and preparing it for a complete overhaul. This was followed by framing, which laid the foundation for the new layout of the basement.

After framing, we installed drywall and performed taping to ensure a smooth and finished look. Painting was the next step, bringing vibrancy and warmth to the basement. We chose colors that would make the space feel open and inviting.

Electrical and plumbing updates were crucial to the project, ensuring that the new basement would be safe, functional, and compliant with current building codes.

Flooring and tiling were carefully selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal, considering the unique conditions of a basement environment.

A standout feature of this renovation is the glass enclosure. It adds a modern touch to the space, creating a sense of openness and sophistication.

The Completed Space

The finished basement on Axminister Dr. is now a multi-functional area, perfect for a variety of activities and gatherings. It’s a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality, personalized renovation solutions.

Ready to Transform Your Basement?

If you’re inspired by our work on Axminister Dr. and are thinking about a basement renovation, contact Garvin Alexis Construction at (416) 432-3718. We’re ready to help you turn your basement into a space you’ll love.