Modern Kitchen Renovation at Fairglen Ave, Toronto

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Demo, Open Concept (Legal Permits), Electrical, Plumbing, Quartz *Countertops, MDF Painted Kitchen Cabinets, Engineered Hardwood Flooring.


6-8 weeks


Toronto, ON

Project Cost


Welcome to Garvin Alexis Construction’s showcase of a modern kitchen renovation in the heart of Toronto’s Fairglen Avenue. This project is a great example of how we blend functionality with modern design to enhance our clients’ homes.

Project Overview

This project was all about transforming a traditional kitchen into a modern, functional space. The challenge was to maintain the home’s character while introducing contemporary elements. Our team, skilled in both design and craftsmanship, worked closely with the client to ensure their vision was realized.

Renovation Details

We started with a thorough demolition, making way for the new design. Our focus was on creating an open concept space, which involved obtaining the necessary legal permits to ensure everything was up to code. The electrical and plumbing systems were upgraded to modern standards, ensuring safety and efficiency.

The kitchen now features elegant quartz countertops that are both beautiful and durable. The cabinets, made from MDF and painted to match the kitchen’s new aesthetic, provide ample storage and contribute to the sleek look. The final touch was the engineered hardwood flooring, chosen for its durability and style.

The Final Look

The result is a kitchen that balances modern design with practicality. It’s a space that brightens the home and provides a comfortable area for cooking and socializing. We’re proud of the work we did here and believe it showcases our commitment to delivering quality renovations.

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